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Chef Kiril Marinov, grew up in the city of Varna , in the East side of Bulgaria . Growing up as a farmer he quickly learned the importance of good wholesome food from a young age, and quickly showed a great flair for cooking, trialling his creations on family and friends. After studying professional cookery in Varna and training in some of the top kitchens in Italy and Ireland, Kiril embarked on a culinary journey that brought him around the world, from Genoa to Varna, from Italy to Germany and back to Ireland, adding to his repertoire both traditional and modern dishes from around the world. On his return to Ireland in , Kiril went on to run the kitchens of top class restaurant and hotels in the west of Ireland, where Kiril now resides with his wife  and his young family.

20211215_161423_edited_edited_edited.png is a private chef hire and catering company with elegance and passion for food . My motto is finest fresh Irish ingredients locally sourced , handle them with care and deliver bespoke unmatched dining experience at your own home that will be remembered for a long time.

There is no more intimate place restaurant than your own home, where you can be at ease with the people you care for.

Now, you can bring the magic of a fine dining restaurant to your table, to a talented chef who will tailor a menu to your liking.

Turn your home into a restaurant and indulge yourself with a unique dining experience at home.

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